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Press Release

New FreedomWorks Field Coordinator Hits the Ground Running

FreedomWorks is pleased to announce that we have a new field coordinator for New Hampshire. Marc Brown will be leading our efforts from his home town of Kingston, and is the new contact person for the state of New Hampshire for FreedomWorks. Marc is already busy organizing meetings of FreedomWorks in various parts of the state. If you would like to organize a meeting in your area, please contact Marc at

One of the first campaigns Marc will be leading is an effort to hold state lawmakers accountable for their budget-busting ways. The legislature dramatically inflated state revenues to meet the budget this year. By the end of the budget cycle in 2009 New Hampshire could see upwards of a $200 million "shortfall” that could lead to new tax hikes.  

Lawmakers just do not seem to get it these days. The education funding bill that just passed is about $70 million more than last year. It also includes an additional $20 million for kindergartens (better known as state-funded day-care). Instead of continuing to spend beyond their means, lawmakers should cut wasteful spending out of the budget, lower taxes and make the state government prioritize its spending the way families do.

We plan to hold lawmakers’ feet to the fire in New Hampshire as they make decisions on the budget. If you would like to help us in this effort please CLICK HERE and let us know!


Matt Kibbe
President and CEO