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Press Release

Pennsylvania Legislative Update

Federal lawmakers have left Washington for a couple of weeks to go on vacation or to return to their states and districts. During this time we have an excellent opportunity to visit lawmakers in their district offices here in Pennsylvania. There are a number of issues to talk to them about, but one in particular that has been gaining traction is the “No Earmarks Pledge” we put together.

You can find the pledge (and see who has signed so far) at Just print it out, ask your Congressman to sign it, and fax it back to us at 202-942-7649. You can see what some of your fellow volunteers did recently by CLICKING HERE. Activist Robin Stoudt visited with the staff of Senators Casey and Specter, as well as Reps. Murphy and Doyle.

A personal pledge to go cold turkey on earmarks is an important step toward stopping the spending problem we have in Washington, D.C.

We also are encouraging congressional candidates to sign the pledge. Be sure to send the pledge to all the candidates running in your congressional district and ask them to sign it. Let me know what kind of feedback you get from the campaigns.

On the state level, there is great mischief in Harrisburg.  Last week, the State House approved "HillaryCare in Harrisburg."  This bill, which the politicians admit will cost over a BILLION dollars a year - and they are underestimating the cost - must be stopped in the Senate.  Please watch for future information and action alerts on this issue!


Joe Hilliard
Field Coordinator
FreedomWorks Pennsylvania