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Press Release

Pennsylvanians Reject ACT 1 Ballot Initiative in Anti-Tax Revolt

FreedomWorks is pleased that voters overwhelmingly rejected the ACT 1 ballot question in Tuesday’s primary. With current available numbers, only about 9 school districts out of 498 approved this complex tax shifting scheme which does not provide any real property tax reform.

FreedomWorks teamed up with the Commonwealth Foundation, Pennsylvania’s free-market think tank, to bring the facts to grassroots activists who spread the word to family, friends and neighbors. Many other grassroots organizations also participated in this mini tax revolt.

“Three strikes and Harrisburg is out,” said Joe Hilliard, Field Coordinator for FreedomWorks Pennsylvania. “The people want spending controls and property tax elimination, not some type of fake reform.”

Matthew Brouillette, president of the Commonwealth Foundation said, “The loud thud heard in our state capitol on Tuesday was the resounding ‘NO’ to Gov. Rendell’s property tax shift-and-shaft proposal. The people weren’t fooled by his empty promises of property tax relief.”

In many districts the measure was defeated by substantial majorities, with up to 80% of voters opposing the ballot measure. Even the few that approved the measure did so with the slimmest of margins.

Unfortunately politicians in Harrisburg may not understand the message that the voters are sending. Governor Rendell’s Spokesman Chuck Ardo said, “The Governor doesn’t believe that defeat of the tax-shifting question is an indication of anything other than confusion.”

FreedomWorks does not believe that the voters were “confused” or stupid. Voters want real reform and real relief, not ‘tax-shifting.’

“The real problem is spending. The voters understand that. We pay enough in taxes, and Harrisburg has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. It is too bad that the politicians and school boards are ‘confused’ about this simple premise; they are only focusing on getting more money,” said Hilliard.