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Press Release

Protect The Kicker from the Politicians in Salem!

Oregonians can expect to receive their “kicker” this year thanks to your efforts to protect this tax refund from the politicians in Salem. But the fight will inevitably continue as those in power come up with myriad ways to spend more of your tax dollars on wasteful government programs. To ensure that citizens and the media are aware of attempts to repeal the kicker, FreedomWorks Oregon has launched Kicker Facts.

This year Oregonians will receive, on average, a $600 check that comes from over-payments by taxpayers to the state government. The kicker is in the state constitution, but that doesn’t mean it is safe, as we have seen recently. This hard-earned money belongs in your wallet, so you can use it to pay bills, buy Christmas gifts or take a vacation. Help us protect the kicker by educating your fellow taxpayers about the purpose of the check and what we can do to protect it.


Russ Walker
State Director
FreedomWorks Oregon