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Press Release

Save the Date! FreedomWorks Conference Call

FreedomWorks Colorado is a powerful force in the fight to protect our liberty, and 2008 will be a critical year in defense of freedom.

Proposals for the expansion of federal entitlements, and Governor Ritter’s “blue ribbon” panels on transportation and health care are just a few of the challenges we face.

Now is the time to intensify our efforts in Colorado.

We would like to invite you to a short conference call to launch the Colorado FreedomWorks Chapter freedom agenda for 2008, and to establish regular communications within our membership. The agenda will include:

· A brief history of Colorado FreedomWorks activity

· Summary of FreedomWorks upcoming national campaigns and themes

· Colorado-specific issues and opportunities

· Introductions, Question & Answers

Thank you for all you have done in the fight for lower taxes, less government and more freedom. We look forward to working with you to make Colorado a better place by reducing the size and scope of government.

With your help we will win this fight!

Conference Call Details

Date: 2/29

Time: 11:00pm - 11:45pm

Number: 877-633-8727

Meeting ID: 4528


Matt Kibbe
President and CEO

Rich DiMeo
Volunteer Chapter Leader
FreedomWorks Colorado