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Press Release

South Carolina Senate Fact #4: The Code Burdens Taxpayers

The debate in the race for South Carolina’s open U.S. Senate seat is centers in part on fundamental tax reform. That’s good, because this year taxpayers will spend an estimated 6.4 billion hours this year filing their taxes.

That massive waste of time is one reason why Representative Jim DeMint committed to fundamental reform of the tax code in the FreedomWorks Candidate Survey, and has also pledged to not raise taxes.

Unfortunately, Democrat contender Inez Tenenbaum has resorted to distorting DeMint’s record: Instead of proposing her own plan for fundamental tax reform, she’s falsely claiming that DeMint will raise taxes.

The truth is that Tenenbaum has no plan for fundamental tax reform and refuses to complete the Candidate Survey to let citizens know where she stands. Does Inez Tenenbaum think that 6.4 billion hours wasted on tax forms every year is a good use of America’s time and energy?

The bottom line: Jim DeMint stands for tax code reform, while Inez Tenenbaum offers no solutions to the complicated tax code.

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