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Press Release

Tax Foundation: Colorado Leads Region with Relatively Lower Tax Burden

According to a study by the non-partisan Tax Foundation, Colorado’s combined state and local tax burden is among the lowest in the nation. One reason: the TABOR law that protects taxpayers by giving them the right to vote on tax increases.

According to the Tax Foundation, over the past 14 years, Colorado’s tax burden has fallen from being relatively close to the national average in 1990 to currently standing substantially below the national average. The also report that over this period of time, individual incomes of taxpayers have risen faster than state/local tax collections thanks largely to TABOR. Estimated in 2004 at 9.1 percent of income, Colorado’s combined state and local tax burden percentage ranks 40th nationally, well below the national average of 10 percent.

For more info and to view the full report, click here.