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Press Release

CSE Hosts Colorado Governor Bill Owens


WASHINGTON - On Friday, October 26, 2001, Citizens for a Sound Economy hosted Colorado Governor Bill Owens at an early morning breakfast reception. The governor discussed several economic initiatives that have been implemented at the state level throughout the country, the importance of school choice, reducing taxes, and the direction of the conservative movement. Over 50 people, including Capitol Hill staff members, the media, and other conservative groups attended the event.

Gov. Owens addresses the audience
at CSE’s office in Washington DC.

Gov. Owens has a proven track record of implementing the ideals that CSE advocates and of making sound policy sound politics. The first Republican to be elected governor in Colorado in 28 years, he initiated and signed into law the largest tax relief package in Colorado history - $1 billion per year, including cuts in the income tax rate, elimination of the marriage penalty, and a reduction in the capital gains tax.

He has also helped develop a state plan to fight federal EPA regulations that curtail private property rights. In addition, under his leadership Colorado is considered to be one of the best states in providing choice to parents concerning their children’s education.

Staff members from Capitol Hill and
conservative groups filled the room.

Throughout his address, Gov. Owens emphasized the need for lower taxes and less government. He pointed out that cutting the federal capital gains tax is achievable because this is an issue that affects many Americans. The key is to educate them and make them aware. In addition, he declared his opposition to taxing the Internet and called on Congress to permanently ban Internet taxes.

In his concluding remarks, Gov. Owens indicated that the conservative movement has become more successful in recent years, but conservatives have to do a better job in presenting their argument and "putting on a smile." He praised the work that CSE activists have done on tort reform and school choice and said CSE is making a difference.