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Press Release

Letter to Congress on Amendment to H.R. 3150


Dear Member of Congress:

The September 11th terrorist attacks exposed glaring deficiencies in our nation’s air security infrastructure. Congress must act to improve our airport security and to assure Americans that the possibility of another aerial terrorist attack is greatly diminished. But protecting the American skies will require a more dedicated, flexible, and technologically proficient workforce, not a new federal bureaucracy.

On behalf of CSE’s 280,000 members I ask that you VOTE NO on the Oberstar/Ganske substitute amendment to H.R. 3150, the “Secure Transportation for America Act” which seeks to nationalize airport security services. CSE will use this as a KEY VOTE to determine your eligibility for our Jefferson Award. This award is provided to legislators who espouse the CSE principles of limited government, lower taxes, and more freedom. It will be presented at the conclusion of the 107th Congress.

Vote NO on the Oberstar/Ganske Amendment to H.R. 3150, the “Secure Transportation for America Act.” Any amendment to this affect ignores the Israeli and European airport security experience and attempts to mollify public fears by turning airport security over to a stagnant and unresponsive federal bureaucracy.

Strengthen airport security by establishing a system of federal oversight and guidance, not federal regulations, inefficiency, and unresponsiveness.

The Europeans and Israelis found that a nationalized security workforce diminished passenger safety. Nationalization would mean federal pay scales that treat substandard screeners the same way as their superior counterparts, and prevent supervisors from firing inept employees who compromise safety.

Nationalizing airport security screeners will do nothing to control access to the rest of the airport, or ensure that terrorists don’t find other methods to get aboard airplanes. Under this scheme, some security personnel would be federal civil servants, while others would work for the airport, and still others would be local law enforcement.

Only the private, but federally regulated, model of the Israelis and Europeans offers the flexibility and coordination to defend the entire air traffic system against attack.

Please remember that the VOTE AGAINST THE OBERSTAR/GANSKE AMENDMENT TO H.R. 3150 will be considered as a KEY VOTE. This KEY VOTE will be used to determine your eligibility for our Jefferson Award, which will be distributed at the conclusion of the 107th Congress.

Paul Beckner
President and CEO