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Television Hit

Watch Deneen Borelli Expose the ‘Whack-A-Black Conservative’ Tactic of the Intolerant Left on Fox & Friends

If you’ve been to an amusement park, no doubt you have seen a popular arcade game called Whack-A-Mole, where players use a toy mallet to “whack” the head of toy moles that randomly pop up and down.

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Blog Hit

Where’s the Tolerance – Black FL GOP House Congressional Candidate Glo Smith Campaign Signs Vandalized

The political left frequently complains about the imaginary conservative war on women yet they conveniently ignore the real war waged against black female conservatives.

Blog Hit

Guess Which Industry Is Jesse Jackson’s Latest Shakedown Target

Shakedown artist Jesse Jackson is at it again.

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Blog Hit

Twitter Exchange Exposes Ebony Magazine Editor as a Racist

A recent Twitter exchange between Ebony magazine Senior Editor Jamilah Lemieux and Republican National Committee Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams exposes the racial bias of the black media.