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Op-ed Placement

The Green New Deal Would Cause a 'Yellow Vest' Movement in the US

BY Peter Vicenzi

While newly-elected House Democrats call for a Green New Deal (GND) to tackle global climate change, thousands of Parisians are taking to the streets in violent protest of French President Emmanuel Macron’s proposed fuel tax. Based on their demands, the so called “gilets jaunes,” are no Tea Party-like activists, but their response to elitist climate policies may be cause for alarm for Democrats wishing to implement similar policies in the United States. House Democrats take note-- these protests have left quite the carbon footprint.

Press Release

FreedomWorks Opposes Rep. Curbelo’s Bill to Impose Carbon Tax

WASHINGTON, D.C.- FreedomWorks opposes Rep. Carlos Curbelo’s (R- Fla.) bill that would impose a disastrous carbon tax upon the U.S. economy.