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Congressional Review Act Resolutions Signify an Important Stand Against EPA Overreach

Earlier this week, Republicans in both the House and the Senate filed resolutions under the Congressional Review Act aimed at the EPA’s greenhouse gas rules for new and existing power plants. These resolutions, if successful, would block President Obama and the EPA’s executive actions, and would only need the majority votes to do so. Although the measures would still be vulnerable to an essentially guaranteed presidential veto, they still send an important message to the President and the EPA on behalf of many states, industries, and businesses.

Press Release

FreedomWorks Supports State Attorneys General Lawsuit Against EPA Anti-Coal Regulations

Following the announcement of a lawsuit filed two-dozen state attorneys general against the Environmental Protection Agency’s economically destructive anti-coal regulations, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:


Watch Tom Borelli Discuss Supreme Court EPA Decision On Making Money With Charles Payne

The Supreme Court decided that the Environmental Protection Agency failed to adequately consider the cost of its mercury regulation for power plants.