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Press Release

ICYMI: FreedomWorks Foundation Testifies Before IRS In Support of First Amendment Right to Donor Privacy

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- FreedomWorks’ Vice President of Advocacy, Noah Wall, testified before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) this morning regarding “Guidance under Section 6033 Regarding the Reporting Requirements of Exempt Organizations,” which is the proposal to eliminate the schedule B donor disclosure requirement for non-501c3 exempt organizations. FreedomWorks’ Vice President Noah Wall commented: 

Op-ed Placement

Joaquin Castro's Trump Donor Tweet Was Blatant Intimidation

BY Adam Brandon

Democratic Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro, brother of Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro, tweeted a target list of individuals and businesses in San Antonio who have donated to President Trump. This was not a list of public figures or high-profile mega-donors. It was a collection of private citizens who had donated only $2,800, including 11 retirees and a homemaker.