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White House's FY 2019 Budget Proposes Big Reductions in Nondefense Spending After a Spending Deal That Increases Deficits

The White House unveiled its FY 2019 budget request this morning. Although it's incredibly unlikely that the budget request will become law, it does provide a window into the policy priorities of the Trump administration. Of course, the passage of the Bipartisan Budget Act, H.R. 1892, set the discretionary spending level for FY 2019 at $1.321 trillion -- $716 billion for defense discretionary and $605 billion nondefense discretionary. This level of spending is $153 billion higher than the pre-Bipartisan Budget Act spending caps.

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CBO Report: More Spending, More Debt Over Next Ten Years

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), on Tuesday, released its first budget outlook report of the new year, offering a look at the fiscal picture for the next ten years, FY 2018 through FY 2027. It isn't pretty.


Trump Administration's Proposed Spending Cuts Are a Good Start

So-called "progressives" are absolutely losing their collective minds about proposed spending cuts that the incoming Trump administration is planning. The Hill reported Thursday that the administration, which will take power today at noon, has a blueprint that calls for $10.5 trillion in spending reductions over the next ten years.