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Schools Discover They Can't Force Feed Children

It’s bad enough that the government dictates to local school districts what children should learn, when they should learn it, and how they should be tested. It’s bad enough that Common Core robs parents and teachers of individual choice and treats children as interchangeable cogs in the Big Education machine. But to add insult to injury, the government, under the ever-watchful eyes of Michelle Obama, has taken it upon itself to control the diets of American schoolchildren everywhere.


“Free” Federal Money is Never Free

While the federal government often entices states to promote its agenda by promising “free” federal money for the states that adopt their programs, this money is never free, and always comes with strings attached. When the federal government offers “free” money for a program it is really just hoping to get the states hooked on the program before the giveaways disappear, much like a drug dealer who offers you the first hit for free.

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Michelle Obama’s War on the Potato

With the scandal at the Veterans Administration dominating the news and exposing her husband’s incompetence, Michelle Obama used her position as First Lady to declare war on the potato.