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FreedomWorks Activists Send Thousands of Messages to Oklahoma Governor’s Office to Repeal Common Core

In the final days before the deadline to sign HB 3399, FreedomWorks grassroots activists are sending thousands of messages to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin to repeal Common Core in Oklahoma. The fate of education in Oklahoma rests in Governor Fallin’s hands, who needs to sign HB 3399 into law to stop the federal takeover of education.

Op-ed Placement

Your child’s private info is being compiled into a massive database

For the last twelve months, we’ve watched conservative Republicans in Congress rail against unconstitutional NSA spying and the targeting of tea party groups by the IRS. Many question why government needs access to all of our information in the first place.

Join Whitney Neal and show your support for Chad Mathis #ISupportMathis
Via Instagram 05/09/2014