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Why is Al Sharpton Going To Ferguson MO Before The Elections

Al Sharpton is heading to Ferguson, Missouri, for the last few days before the midterm elections. Sharpton’s trip follows Sunday’s New York Times front page story on the importance of black turnout for the Democrats to keep control of the Senate.

2 days ago
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Watch Deneen Borelli Discuss Al Sharpton Role As White House Race Advisor on The O’Reilly Factor

Just when you think you have heard it all from the out of control White House, now we discover Al Sharpton is advising President Obama on the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Op-ed Placement

A Collection of Race Hustlers

Circumstances surrounding the events of the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., on Aug. 9 continue to unfold and dominate national headlines. A family, community and country have been captivated by the events that evolve daily.

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Television Hit

Watch Deneen Borelli Debate Jackson & Sharpton Role in Ferguson Social Unrest on Hannity

It did not take long for the race baiters to show up in Ferguson, Missouri, to add their inflammatory rhetoric to the social unrest resulting from the shooting of Michael Brown.

How To Become a Target of the Media: Report the Facts

How To Become a Target of the Media: Report the Facts

This is not a story about policy or legislation. This is a story about journalism, and the all too cozy relationship between 'reporters' and the public officials they're supposed to hold accountable. It's been two weeks since Democrat State Senator Ginny Burdick of Oregon was to have held a town hall to answer questions on the current legislative session.