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"What are the Three Cs of ObamaCare's Unintended Consequences?"
"A new study confirms that the law is riddled with corporatism, cronyism, and cancellations."

Cronyism, Corporatism, and Cancellations: The Three Cs of ObamaCare's Unintended Consequences

Question: What do you get when you pass a law consisting of thousands of pages of regulations too numerous and complex to be understood by anyone? Answer: Unintended consequences.


Democrats’ Role Reversal on Corporatism

Old stereotypes die hard, regardless of their increasing inability to reflect reality. Consider the caricature of the corporate fat cat, clad cartoonishly in top hat and spats, building monopolies, crushing competition, exploiting workers and all the while lining his pockets with wads and wads of filthy lucre. Now quick, how do you think our straw industrialist will vote? If you said Republican, you’re not alone.

A Tale Of Two Corporations

A Tale Of Two Corporations

Two weeks ago, the Oregon legislature was called into special session by Governor Kitzhaber to consider a bill that would allow the Governor exclusive rights to unilaterally negotiate future tax terms with any corporation considering expansion in the state. This bill was being considered in a rush because Nike reportedly was being courted for a large expansion in other states.