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Give Me 64 oz. or Give Me Death!

The New York Court of Appeals ruled the New York City ban on super-sized soft drinks unconstitutional late last week, dealing a small but significant blow to the nanny state. According to the ruling, the city’s Board of Health “exceeded the scope of its regulatory authority” by engaging in law-making and infringing upon the legislative jurisdiction of the City Council of New York.

NY Soda Ban Gets The Shaft...Errrr...Straw
Issue Analysis

NY Soda Ban Gets The Shaft...Errrr...Straw

Months ago, New York's Mayor Bloomberg put into action a Very Serious Plan designed to subvert New York City's life-draining, obesity-encouraging, self-immolating commitment to drinking soda out of containers designed to hold more than 16 ounces of liquid. As of yesterday, the city had its health department trained and ready to perform surprise sting operations on unsuspecting food service establishments across Manhattan as they began their nanny-state crackdown on New York's most pressing danger: dastardly sugary beverages.