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The Tax Code Should Not Subsidize High Tax Burdens in Blue States

The discussion inside Congress to eliminate the state and local tax deduction is a welcome path to sustainable tax reform that doesn’t fuel deficits. Its repeal would provide breathing room for pro-growth reforms like lower corporate tax rates, fewer income brackets, and overall simplicity.

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Don’t Bring Back Earmarks

Sigh. Here we go again. The House Republican Conference is quietly discussing the possibility of bringing back earmarks, or dedicated federal funds in appropriations bills usually for pet projects in a member’s district or state. The organizations or projects for which these funds are earmarked aren’t the subject to committee hearings and serve some special interest. Earmarks are pork-barrel spending by another name.

Big Corporations and Big Government Go Hand in Hand

Big Corporations and Big Government Go Hand in Hand

One policy issue that should unify individuals of all political persuasions is opposing corporate welfare. Progressives tend to oppose big corporations while conservatives and libertarians despise big government. The truth is that big corporations and big government go hand-in-hand.