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Bernanke-Panky: A Review of the Former Fed Chairman’s The Courage to Act

Ben Bernanke’s new memoir, The Courage to Act, begins straightaway with a false premise. The first sentence of the book reads: “In all crises, there are those who act and those who fear to act.” The statement presupposes that action must always be good, and inaction must always be the result of fear.

Stop Yet Another Wall Street Bailout
Press Release

Stop Yet Another Wall Street Bailout

They are at it again.More than a trillion dollars later and despite all we have learned from the failed taxpayer-funded bailouts and stimulus schemes that Congress and the President have crammed down our throats, liberals are trying to push yet another bailout bill over the finish line.TAKE ACTION -- STOP THE LATEST BAILOUT SCHEME!This latest attempt is being led by Rep. Barney Frank (D, MA-4) in the House and Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) in the Senate. But the Frank-Dodd bill -- H.R.