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HELP WANTED! Senate Majority Leader Hiring RINO’s to Help Fill Leadership Roles

HELP WANTED! (The following is a work of satire.)

"What Teachers Get Wrong on School Choice "
"While Public School teachers fight against \"School Choice\" policies, there is one aspect they are overlooking: the agenda of Teachers Unions. " Union.jpg?itok=HlWVmdaC

What Teachers Get Wrong on School Choice

As education reform has become more than a priority under Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, the conflict between supporters and opponents of school choice, designed to place more educational choice back into the hand of families, continues to escalate. While the debate itself revolves around making the best decision for the educational success of students, the opposition to school choice comes primarily from teachers unions like the NEA (National Education Association) and the very vocal AFT (American Federation of Teachers), which have each donated over $700 million to exclusively Democrat candidates, issue campaigns, and lobbying efforts.

"Spending Money We Don't Have: A Bad Idea "
"A daily dose of common sense "

Spending Money We Don't Have: A Bad Idea

Earlier last week, news broke of the President’s deal with Democrats in order to tie appropriations for victims of Hurricane Harvey to the congressional debt ceiling, which conservatives have traditionally used as a tool to attempt to lower federal spending. . While the move received praise from liberals, the consensus feeling among most conservatives is a sense of betrayal.