2015 Activist Boot Camp a Major Success!

This past weekend, fifty-five of FreedomWorks top activist were flown out to our Washington D.C headquarters for an exclusive “Activist Boot Camp” in order to help arm them with the resources, connections, and knowledge to engage in their communities.

The issues discussed ranged from justice reform in terms of civil asset forfeiture and mandatory minimum sentencing, to the effort to eliminate Common Core, to how the grassroots can help put an end to ObamaCare once and for all.

Activists were also able to meet with staff and learn more about how to connect with the FreedomWorks community on a local and national level, along with tactics on how to appeal the message of limited government and free markets to minorities and millennials as a whole (key demographics usually targeted by progressives) primarily through FreedomWorks’ “Empower” initiative.

Some of the feedback highlighted the cross country effort to connect activist from coast to coast; one activist commented:

“…We are motivated and look forward to working with your FreedomWorks team in the future.”

“I think I had my mind changed on criminal justice reform….if it is done rationally I think I agree with reform."

"Thanks to the efforts put forward by the FreedomWorks staff, the activists who attended were armed with the knowledge and added confidence needed to help advocate for conservative principles on the issues affecting not some, but all Americans throughout our country."