Numbers You Need This Week

64% of voters say the U.S. is currently in a recession

You'd Think It Would Be Higher

Rasmussen Reports

48% of registered voters favor Trump, 46% favor Biden

Trump v. Biden Rematch

ABC News/Wash Post

DeSantis breaks gubernatorial fundraising records with just 6% coming from small donations

Compared to 54% for Trump


44% believe moving migrants to blue states is “ineffective for addressing immigration reform"

Performative Or Effective?

Morning Consult

67.9% of Americans do NOT feel as safe in America as they did 2 years ago

The Crime Wave

Trafalgar Group

65% of today’s youth believe you can get a good job without going to college

Is College Necessary?

Big Village

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FreedomWorks activists all share three common traits: a desire for less government, lower taxes, and more economic freedom. For nearly four decades, we have been hard at work to bring about positive change in Washington by way of grassroots energy.

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