A Jam Packed weekend for Freedom in Pennsylvania

A Jam Packed weekend for Freedom in Pennsylvania

This past weekend, FreedomWorks Pennsylvania engaged in several activities to promote freedom and help get the liberals out of the White House and Senate. On Friday night, FreedomWorks PA field staff Ana and Anastasia were invited to train the Valley Forge Patriots on getting out the vote and new media training. The room was packed and the activist were pumped-up.  To quote our president from 2008, they were”Fired up, ready to go!”

The energy in the room was palpable.  We emphasized the importance of this election.  We told them that everyone needs to take their activism up a level. Whatever they felt comfortable doing as of that morning, we asked them to add one more action to take it to the next level.  We talked about the importance of going door-to-door and sign blitzing.  Many of the activist were not on social media, so we gave a quick synopsis of the reach of Twitter.

On Saturday we set up shop outside of a busy gun shop. We were able to get people registered to vote and even got some people to switch their registration. The FreedomWorks team had some previous Obama supporters admit, it was the biggest mistake of their lives.  We gave out Tom Smith materials and worked on getting his conservative message out.  We suggest going to gun shops and setting up a table outside.  You can really reach a ton of like-minded voters this way, and the gun shop owners are usally eager to help.

On Sunday we went out to Harrisburg to a grassroots summit.  The point of the summit was to talk and discuss with other leaders how we can turn Pennsylvania from Blue to Red. It has been done before and we are optimistic that with continued effort and actions, we can do it again! Leaders across Pennsylvania are hearing great things on the ground. Many people who voted for Obama in 2008 will not vote for him this time around.

FreedomWorks for America has sixty regional and Sub-regional centers across PA.  If you need Tom Smith materials, please contact Anastasia (Aprzybylski@freedomworks.org) or Ana (apuig@freedomWorks.org)