A New Internet Sales Tax in Tennessee?

Tennessee lawmakers are pushing SB 0529, which would force Internet retail giant Amazon to collect state sales taxes that would be passed along to consumers. Amazon has threatened not to build planned distribution centers in Tennessee if the measures are put in place; they have already left Illinois, South Carolina and are threatening to leave Texas for similar legislation. The proponents of the legislation include Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Sears in a group called the Alliance for Main Street Fairness. Together they are lobbying states across the country and even Congress to impose these burdensome taxes on Internet shoppers and retailers.

Last month South Carolina passed legislation levying a sales tax on Internet retailers, three companies have since left the state citing the new regulations forced them to leave and take much-needed jobs with them.  The same will happen in Tennessee if SB 0529 is passed. Taxing and regulating is bad economics; the revenue lawmakers hope to gain from these new regulations and taxes will hurt taxpayers and business alike.  

Contact your elected officials and tell them to vote NO on SB 0529. It is bad for business and bad for Tennessee taxpayers. Click below to write to your legislator.