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A Promise Fulfilled: So far Anyway

A Promise fulfilled: so far anyway

This Wednesday House republicans, in an effort led by Rep Fred Upton (R-MI) plan to unveil long awaited legislation which would ban the Environmental Protection Agency from Regulating corporations in concern to Green House Gases under the Clean Air Act.  Much to the anger of the bloated EPA and the Obama Administration, they expect to advance their Bill rapidly.

Fred Upton himself in a recent OPED in the Detroit News evoked the free market spirit of Former President Reagan.  Upton stated: “I had the great privilege of working for President Reagan, and his successful, free-market approach to energy offers important lessons for today’s energy debate and its consequences for economic growth and job creation. Reagan inherited all the energy policy mistakes of the 1970s – a decade in which every energy challenge was met with ill-advised federal programs and mandates.

Upton continues: “For example, domestic oil production was hampered by a convoluted system of price controls that favored imports while sparking shortages and gas lines – ironic, since they were touted as the answer to OPEC and a benefit to consumers. Just one week after his inauguration in January 1981, Reagan issued an Executive Order sweeping away this market interference.”  Lamenting that “restrictive price controls have held U.S. oil production below its potential,” Reagan said that eliminating them “is a positive first step towards a balanced energy program.” From The Detroit News:–The-Gipper-s-energy-lesson#ixzz1DIV9rUEf 

Sources close to the legislation state: that the bill would nullify all of the business strangling regulations that the EPA has enacted to date on this issue, and would strip the EPA of its “right” to enact any law that would regulate factories, utilities, and other stationary sources. David Espo from Real Clear Politics reports: “The legislation marks yet another arena in which newly empowered House Republicans are moving quickly to challenge the administration.”

Voted into office in November by an overwhelming majority,  the Republican Party influenced by fresh Tea Party members in their ranks have voted to repeal Obamacare, are rapidly advancing on the front of impressive spending cuts , and now they have embarked upon a steady march towards finally curbing the EPA’s overreaching authority.

The rapid, refreshingly simplistic, and deliberate proposal of legislation by the new Republican majority has been to date impressive, and so far they appear to be keeping their promises of fiscal conservatism, and abiding by our Nation’s Constitution.  We should give credit where credit is due.  They are to be cautiously commended for their leadership and sense of urgency in concern to the demands of the American people that elected them.  Will they maintain this pace and sense of emergency?  Like everything in politics, we will have to keep the pressure on and wait and see.