WHAT: Biden Administration requests $50 Billion more to fund Ukraine War

President Biden has once again asked Congress to fund another round of $50 billion for the war in Ukraine. Republicans must outright reject this proposal, and any consideration of funding Biden’s war machine must be pushed to next year, when House Republicans take back control of Congress.

The United States has far surpassed the contributions of all of the European Union COMBINED. Republicans should hold EU member countries to their obligations instead of further entrenching the American people in a war 6,000 miles away.

WHY IT MATTERS: The voices of the representatives YOU elected are being suppressed during this Lame Duck period.

FreedomWorks has joined more than a dozen conservative groups in a letter to House leadership stating, “Pushing through another aid package during this Congress’ lame-duck session with little debate or consideration for the will of the American people would disregard legislators’ responsibilities to U.S. interests.”

Many Republicans got elected because they campaigned on saying NO to funding the war in Ukraine. If Republican Leadership foolishly chooses to help the Democrats rush lame-duck spending package to Ukraine, they will suppress many newly-elected members of Congress.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Call and Tweet!

Contact your Representative to urge Congress to demand answers from the Biden administration about its funding and goals in Ukraine, before one more cent is appropriated.