What you need to know:

President Biden recently nominated Phil Washington as Administrator for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Mr. Washington’s nomination is troubling for a myriad of reasons, and it is clear that Phil Washington lacks the qualifications and the fitness to serve in this critical role.

  • Mr. Washington has zero aviation safety experience and hardly any aviation experience at all. For most of his career following his retirement from the military, Mr. Washington has worked at mass transit agencies that oversee trains and buses—not air travel. At his recent nomination hearing, Mr. Washington, who has never flown an airplane or worked for an airline or airplane manufacturer, was unable to answer basic questions about aviation, particularly aviation safety.
  • Mr. Washington is entangled in multiple legal controversies. Most troubling, he is embroiled in an ongoing public corruption investigation involving a lucrative no-bid contract granted by the L.A. Metro, which he used to lead, to a politically-connected charity.
  • Mr. Washington’s record of using his roles to push a radical, left-wing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) agenda and liberal policy proposals. While serving as CEO of the L.A. Metro system, Mr. Washington stated that the agency had a “moral obligation to pursue a fareless system,” even as the agency was struggling financially. Washington called the “hallmark” of his tenure at L.A. Metro “ensuring equity ensuring equity both in the services we provide to the community and within our agency.” He even proposed building a “Hall of Equity” in the Denver Airport.

What you can do:

The best way to make sure your voice is heard in Congress is to call your Senators. Tell them to oppose Mr. Washington’s nomination:

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Thank you for taking action!

For more information, read FreedomWork’s press release here and letter in opposition to the nomination here.

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