WHAT: New House rules proposed to make Congress more accountable.

FreedomWorks has called on Kevin McCarthy to work with the House Freedom Caucus to restore the House Rules that were in place during the 115th Congress. These include, among other things, the Motion to Vacate the Chair, which serves as a check on the Speaker, requiring legislation to be made available for 72 hours before it is voted on, and eliminating the ability to automatically suspend the debt ceiling without a standalone vote when the House adopts a budget resolution. Additionally, two changes that should be implemented in the GOP Conference Rules should be to require all legislation considered on the floor to allow amendments and to ban the corrupt practice of earmarks. 

WHY IT MATTERS: These new rules will restore power to the people instead of Congressional leadership.

The House Freedom Caucus is proposing changes to House Rules that will help make Congress more accountable to the people. Today, all of the power is concentrated in four people: the House and Senate Democrat and Republican leaders. Conservatives want to break this power up and ensure that ALL members of Congress have a chance to represent the will of their constituents in the legislative process. 

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Call and tweet!

Contact your Representative and urge to support these common-sense rules that will help restore integrity in the legislative process.