Amendment Passes, Welcoming Felons to America!

A substitute amendment to the White-House backed immigration bill, sponsored by Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) passed in the Senate on Wednesday. Senator Kennedy’s amendment will block some criminals, like terrorist supporters, from getting a Z visa but will allow illegal aliens who have used fraudulent documents or ignored court ordered deportation to gain legal status.

Senator John Cornyn (R- Tex.), also sponsored an amendment, one that would
deny felons legal status. This includes those who

defy deportation orders from a U.S. judge, those who used fraudulent documents to obtain work and sex offenders.

Sen. Cornyn’s amendment was defeated 51-46 because Democrats believe it

would gut the bill because up to half the illegal immigration population likely had run-ins with Immigration and Custom Enforcement officials, or misused identification documents.

Sen. Cornyn believes this group will include sex offenders and drunk drivers.

Presidential Candidate Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), and ten other Republicans, voted against Cornyn’s amendment to deny felons legal status, tacitly voting in favor of granting felons amnesty.

Great! That’s just what this country needs! More felons overcrowding the already-full jails! I’m glad to see the members of the Senate support and obey our laws here in the United States. I know this is the Land of the Free, but not the land of the free-to-get-by-with-murder!

Thursday, the Senate could not get enough votes to end debate and speed the bill to final passage. Overall, it appears that the Senate calendar is too full to debate the Immigration bill anymore. Immigration still remains a huge issue. However, it has just been put on the back burner. reporter Amanda Carpenter explains the immigration bill.