Ammunition Mounting & Successes Coming on ObamaCare

Since yesterday, there have been several exciting developments surrounding ObamaCare. Here’s what’s happening:

We did it! Our grassroots campaign has succeeded: the House GOP leadership has agreed to hold a vote on Dr. Tom Price’s “Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care” bill. As FreedomWorks’ Dean Clancy says, “In my 20 years working in and around Congress, I’ve seen only one or two bills rack up that amount of support that quickly.” Read more HERE

AR Senator calls for Special Session to repeal Medicaid expansion: State Sen. Bryan King, R-Green Forest has called  on Gov. Beebe to call a Special Session to repeal the state’s Medicaid expansion that passed earlier this year. “Because Medicaid expansion was, in large part, supposed to mitigate the difficulties of the employer mandate, we are now in a situation in which we’re paying for an extraordinarily expensive program which cannot deliver on its promises.” However, Gov. Beebe is clearly uninterested, “Of course, I’m not going to call a special session to undo the hard-earned, bipartisan accomplishments of this General Assembly.” Even if Gov. Beebe refuses though, Sen. King said he would lead a campaign to end funding for the private option during the 2014 fiscal session. Currently Arkansans are fighting to repeal the expansion by placing a voter referendum on the 2014 ballot.  

ObamaCare glitch gives smokers a break, more evidence of failure: The Christian Science Monitor reported yesterday that, “…the administration has quietly notified insurers that a computer system problem will limit penalties that the law says the companies may charge smokers.” The article went on to say that, “Some see an emerging pattern of last-minute switches and delays as the administration scrambles to prepare the Oct. 1 launch…” 

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