An Open Letter to Majority Leader Reid and President Obama

To: Senate Majority Leader Reid, President Obama

Americans face a time of great economic challenge, and have watched with equally great interest as the House of Representatives and now the Senate have crafted legislation designed to address that challenge.

Last night, news of a compromise was announced in the Senate that would provide the sixty votes required to move the bill forward. As of the writing, however, the full details of the compromise have not been made public, and no legislative text has been published for open review.

Majority Leader Reid, we ask that you publish the full legislative text of the compromise immediately, and furthermore, to delay any vote on the bill for at least five days following publication. The American public deserves time to read and understand the substance of this critical legislation, and to express their views to their Senators.

Mr. President, you have pledged that once legislation is passed by Congress, it will be placed online for public review for five days before your signature. In the same spirit, we ask you to add your voice to those encouraging Majority Leader Reid to publish this compromise bill and to allow time for public review during the critical period before the Senate votes.

The American public is watching, and we hope that you both will take these crucial steps to allow citizens to fully understand and participate in the workings of their government.


Rob Neppell,
Michelle Malkin,
Bill Wilson, Americans for Limited Government
Phil Kerpen, Americans for Prosperity
Kristina Rasmussen, National Taxpayer’s Union
Matt Kibbe, FreedomWorks
Joshua Treviño, Treviño Strategies and Media, Inc.
Clay Shirky,
Amber Gunn, Evergreen Freedom Foundation
Bill Goodwin,
Liza Sabater,
David Weller, All Things Reform
Thomas Lord,