And the tension builds…

Tension is building more and more in the House as Democrats are frantically trying to persuade the Blue Dogs to pass the health-care bill before the Congressional recess. It’s critical that you keep up the pressure on your Representatives, even if the vote gets pushed until after Labor Day, like some are suggesting now.

As we received the petitions signed at your (our awesome activists) 4th of July Tea Parties, we have been faithfully delivering them and letting your Congressmen know how much you oppose socialized medicine.

When we visited Representative Coble (R-NC), his legislative assistant said that he wasn’t sure how he was going to vote on the bill, but was very concerned about how it would affect small businesses. She also told us that their office was receiving a lot of phone calls, but that these phone calls were mostly coming from his constituents supporting the bill. She asked us to tell Rep. Coble’s constituents who oppose the bill to call! Call (202-225-3065), and explain how the bill will affect you and why you don’t want it to be passed.

Here are some of the other Representatives and Senators that we visited the other week: Senator Inhofe (R-OK) and Senator Coburn (R-OK) who oppose the liberal legislation as well as Senator Burr (R-NC) and Rep. Fleming (R-LA). We also delivered your petitions to Senator Hagan (D-NC) who voted for the public option, but isn’t quite sure about the price tag that would come attached.



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