FreedomWorks Announces “The Tea Party Debt Commission”

“The only way we will ever reduce the debt and balance the budget is if America beats Washington and tea party activists take over this process.” — Matt Kibbe

Today, FreedomWorks announced the formation of the Tea Party Debt Commission. As the New York Times reports:

While the Tea Party movement has led the charge for cutting the national debt, its supporters have often struggled to explain how, exactly, they would do so. Now some are out to change that, joining a Tea Party debt commission that plans to hold hearings over the summer, in the hopes of delivering recommendations to lawmakers by January.

Today’s announceent comes at the end of a 4-day meeting of 150 of the nation’s top tea party activists at the FreedomWorks headquarters in Washington, DC. The activists explained their decision with the following statement

“Spending is out of control. Politicians of both parties continue to pile a mountain of debt on our children. A debt-induced economic crisis now threatens our country. Yet Washington remains incapable of providing the bold leadership and tough decisions these difficult times demand.

“Therefore, just as the tea party grassroots took matters into their own hands in the 2010 elections, generating a bottom-up “Contract From America” that became the unofficial platform of the tea party movement, so the Tea Party Debt Commission will tackle the enormous fiscal challenge that our political leaders seem incapable of addressing.

  • The Tea Party Debt Commission’s charge will be to propose a comprehensive, detailed set of recommendations designed to balance the budget within no more than 10 years and stop the national debt from growing, without raising taxes.
  • Modeled on President Obama’s National Debt Commission, the Tea Party Debt Commission will consist of 18 members. These members will represent local tea party groups in the critical battle-ground states that will determine the outcome of next year’s presidential election.
  • To gather the best ideas for reducing the debt, the Commission will hold field hearings across the country and host a web site that enables millions of Americans to take part in the process and help shape the final proposals.
  • The Commission will present its findings to congressional leaders at the end of this year.”

The activists are now in the process of setting up the Commission.


For more information, visit www.freedomworks/teapartydebtcommission.

On a related note:

Tell your Senators and Congressman: “Oppose ANY debt ceiling increase until we first ‘cut, cap & balance’ federal spending!” Sign the Cut Cap Balance Pledge today.

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