Biggs Does Literally Everything Right in COVID-19 Response

In the past few weeks, one of our favorite members of Congress and a constant FreedomFighter Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) has been quite active, to say the least. From mic-drop-worthy op-eds and strongly-worded letters to resolutions and bills that would do leagues of good for freedom in our country, his response to the coronavirus pandemic, and the problems that the government has created as a result of it, has been spot-on. Below are some highlights.


  • Constitutional Rights Resolution, H.Res. 955: This resolution starts with the most fundamental of liberty essentials, highlighting and condemning infringements chiefly by state governments on Americans’ constitutional rights during the COVID-19 crisis. One only has to look to states such as Michigan and Wisconsin to see how quickly unchecked executive power can go bad.
  • One Bill, One Subject Transparency Act, H.R. 6635: Tackling what should be a simple idea, Rep. Biggs proposes Congress employ common sense in eliminating bloated “must-pass” bills and instead limit itself from legislating on more than one matter at a time. As he notes, “Allowing leaders to tuck unrelated provisions into a larger legislative package often leads to government growth, unconstitutional spending, and overall lack of accountability.”
  • Business Liability Shield, H.R. 6601: Something that FreedomWorks has been discussing for quite some time with regard to COVID-19, we are glad to see Rep. Biggs put forth legislation to protect businesses from frivolous, debilitating lawsuits claiming negligence as they reopen. This proposal holds that negligence may not be found solely on the basis of being open for business.
  • Buzz Off Act, H.R. 6895: The Buzz Off Act prevents the use of drones by federal law enforcement to warrantlessly surveil American citizens. With rumors going around about possible uses for drones in the name of coronavirus response, getting out ahead of any such idea is both smart and necessary.
  • Fourth Amendment Restoration Act, H.R. 6804: Also focused on civil liberties protections (or lack thereof), as the debate over reauthorization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) continues in Congress, Rep. Biggs put out a notable marker with this bill fully repealing FISA and prohibiting warrantless surveillance of American citizens by holding officials accountable.
  • Responsible Relief for Americans Act, H.R. 6396: Unlike many of his colleagues, who continue to throw money at a problem that no amount of government spending could fix, Rep. Biggs’ proposal would offer real relief for Americans during the coronavirus crisis. This bill would provide much-needed tax and regulatory relief, as well as healthcare flexibility, to Americans. These are good policies always, but especially good when government stands in the way of properly responding to a real crisis.


Rep. Biggs has also led four letters with his colleagues addressing key issues that have arisen throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic thus far. In April, he and nearly two dozen other members sent a letter to President Trump opposing any additional “Phase Four” coronavirus package while the CARES Act and other relief was still being administered. Furthermore, an even more recent letter to President Trump by Rep. Biggs followed up on the first one, this one specifically blasting the idea of state and local bailouts that would reward states’ fiscal irresponsibility and continued mandated closures.

As worship continues to be prohibited or severely restricted in many states across the country, Rep. Biggs and Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.) sent a letter to President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Attorney General Barr expressing serious concerns for Americans’ First Amendment right to religious freedom. It is critical that members stand with their constituents against violations.

Most recently, in response to heightened patterns of government inefficiency, he also penned a letter to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Rettig calling out the failure of the IRS to operate in a timely and taxpayer-oriented manner. As Rep. Biggs says in the letter, “If American citizens are asked to sacrifice some of their God-given liberty in the form of taxation, they should at least be granted the courtesy of prompt assistance.”


Rep. Biggs has also been vocal about other coronavirus-related issues, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s proxy voting scheme and Dr. Fauci’s misguided takes on reopening. Needless to say, in a time where most members of Congress and state officials are caving to calls for more and more government, it is impressive to see Rep. Biggs stand strong with his principles, knowing that more government only compounds the problems we face today.

Across the country, all Americans should look to Rep. Biggs for the exceptional leadership he has offered in this time, and encourage their elected officials to support his bills or otherwise follow his lead in defending liberty, at all costs.