Boehner Creates 37 Page Agenda

Rep. John Boehner, one of the candidates for House Majority Leader, released a fairly detailed manifesto/agenda that would put Social Security banck front and center for the House GOP.

“I’d be remiss if I didn’t share with you what I see as some major challenges and opportunities that will be facing us in the next several years.

First is the budget. We all know Social Security receipts start slowing down next year, that payments will start exceeding receipts within a dozen years, and that the trust fund will be exhausted within 20 years after that – probably faster, given current increases in life expectancy. Other entitlement programs are also on unsustainable paths. As I’ve said in every campaign in my district since 1990, we need to fix these problems soon because they just get harder over time. And I believe that if we as a Republican Congress can pass fair, responsible reforms that preserve the key promises of these programs while protecting their long-term health, we’ll be rewarded at election time.”

isn’t taking sides in the race, but we’re excited to see the effort to make big policy ideas the center of the debate.