Boehner’s Ten Worst Moments as Speaker

UPDATE – July 28, 2015 – In the last six months, John Boehner has added substantially to his list of sins. Since we last checked in he has:

  • Removed Reps. Daniel Webster and Richard Nugent from their positions on the Rules Committee as punishment for voting against him for Speaker.

  • Stripped Rep. Mark Meadows of his chairmanship of the Government and Operations subcommittee, because Meadows voted against leadership on the Trade Promotion Authority rule. Meadows was later reinstated following a public outcry.

  • Threatened to remove Rep. Ken Buck’s title as president of the freshman GOP class.

It’s clear that the last six months have done nothing to make Boehner see the error of his ways.

Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will convene to elect a Speaker of the House. For the last four years, that Speaker has been John Boehner, a man who has continually thrown conservative Members under the bus in order to protect the interests of the Republican establishment.

But this year, a growing number of liberty-minded Republicans are turning against the incumbent Speaker, eager for new leadership that will support a principled agenda.

Here are the top ten cases where Boehner failed to stand up to the establishment.

1. The CRomnibus

Boehner supported the more than $1 trillion spending bill crafted in secret behind closed doors.

2. 2014 Omnibus

Boehner voted for an omnibus appropriations bill that exceeded spending caps by $45 billion.

3. Raising the Debt Limit in 2014

Boehner supported suspending the debt limit until March of 2015, with non accompanying spending reforms.

4. The Farm Bill

Boehner voted for nearly a trillion dollars in corporate welfare and food stamps in the Farm Bill.

5. The Ryan/Murray Budget

Boehner voted for the Ryan/Murray budget that broke spending caps by $63 billion.

6. Negotiating with Himself on ObamaCare

Boehner brought forth three quick bills in succession, each making further concessions to ObamaCare when he should have held the line and negotiated with the president.

7. The Massie Amendment

Boehner allowed the Massie Amendment, which would have restricted the NSA from collecting metadata on innocent Americans, to be stripped from the 2014 government funding bill, despite its passing the House with a bipartisan majority.

8. 2013 Debt Limit Extension

Boehner voted to raise the debt limit in 2013 without any accompanying spending reforms.

9. Purging Four Members off their Committees

Boehner removed four fiscal conservatives from their committees because they stood up to leadership, Tim Huelskamp, Justin Amash, David Schweikert, and Walter Jones.

10. The Fiscal Cliff

John Boehner voted for the Fiscal Cliff deal that raised taxes and rewarded special interests.

The record is clear. Boehner has failed conservatives again and again. We need a Speaker who will consistently stand up for a principled liberty agenda.

Call your congressman and demand a vote against Boehner tomorrow.