Border Security / H.R. 29

Since President Biden took office in January 2021, the United States has experienced a historic surge in illegal immigration. Nearly 3 million illegal aliens have approached our southern border with the intent on unlawfully entering the nation. We can understand why people want to come to the United States, we are a nation that provides opportunity to those who seek it. We have some of the best standards for living and education in the world. Who wouldn’t want that? However, we cannot open our borders for people to come in as they please. Having open borders leaves room for the bad people to leak into our society, take advantage of our system, and in turn, causes innocent people to get hurt by putting themselves in the hands of criminals. This puts a burden on taxpayers, leads to the destruction of property, impacts border patrol, and causes human trafficking and drug smuggling. Open borders also leave our processing centers overworked and burnout because personnel can’t keep up with the influx of illegals. 

We want folks from all walks of life to come to America, but it needs to be done the right way. There is a two-step approach to border security and immigration. One cannot exist without the other. To have legal immigration we need a secure border and when we do, we need to accommodate those who take the right steps. 

In order to maintain a safe and free society, we need to reverse the failed border security policies of the Biden Administration. Our goal at FreedomWorks is to educate the grassroots and other fellow Americans on the difference between Border Security and Immigration Reform. 

Here at FreedomWorks we have been a leading voice in supporting Rep. Chip Roy’s (R-TX-21) bill H.R. 29, the Border Safety and Security Act of 2023. 

  • This bill aims to address the major issues currently facing border security. 
  • Will allow us to address the country’s border security issues without preventing foreign nationals from seeking asylum in the United States. 
  • It will allow the Department of Homeland Security to suspend entry of illegal immigrants at any border to achieve operational control of our borders. 
  • H.R. 29 will also require the administration to detain or turn away migrants until their immigration status can be determined. 

Simply, this common-sense bill forces the Biden administration to enforce the law on the books. 

Republicans campaigned on addressing the problems at the border. Voters are now asking “Where is Congress? Who is monitoring the NGOs?” This bill is an important step to keep their promise to voters. If we can deliver a strong border security bill, this will allow us to advocate for sound immigration policies that will allow America to compete in the 21st century.