Breaking Down Political Barriers in the Art World

Something is happening. While the media fixates on the gaudy spectacles of politicians and celebrities, a culture movement is brewing.

Pretty girls are singing love songs to Friedrich Hayek. Libertarianism is becoming cool. Young people are seeing an anti-statist, liberty-based message and it’s turning their heads. The Tea Party was only the beginning of something much bigger. Liberty is on the move.

Once only flown in some conservative circles, the banner of liberty and opposition to big government is now flying in unexpected places. What conservatives never seemed able to do—make liberty hot—is now being done for them.

The next stop is the culture. Some are focused on Hollywood. Some are focused on music. Now is the time to make it a complete cultural phenomenon by bringing liberty to the fine arts too. That’s what Liberatchik is all about. We welcome musicians and poets and artists of all kinds, but first and foremost, if you’re a visual artist, we want you. We want you now! It’s time to open a new front in the liberty revolution. Join us!




About Us: Liberatchik is an art movement devoted to Liberty. We are conservatives and libertarians who understand the power of art. We know it has the power to move people with its intrinsic value, but it also has the power to gather people into movements for a cause. That is our focus.