Burn Your ObamaCare Card: How to lawfully resist the health care draft

In this morning’s Washington Times, FreedomWorks comes out for civil disobedience.

In an article titled, Burn Your ObamaCare Card: How to lawfully resist the health care draft, we liken the president’s health care law to a military draft:

Starting six months from now, the individual mandate will take effect. Most Americans will be required to show proof of “acceptable” insurance coverage, as defined by Washington — in effect, a health care draft card.

Like compulsory military service, the health care draft will conscript private citizens to carry out a national goal dictated by Washington, and the burden will fall especially hard on young people.

Noting how selectively and unfairly (and in some ways, illegally) ObamaCare is being implemented, we explain why it should be resisted:

With the new system’s top-down, centralized approach, there will be higher costs, longer wait times, and incentives for doctors and hospitals to scrimp on care. The “health care draft” is unjust, unnecessary and harmful to our health. 

If all of us, especially millennials, were to become health care draft resisters, we could hasten Obamacare’s inevitable collapse and pave the way for a patient-centered system.

The kicker:

It’s not against the law to ignore the mandate or to buy coverage that doesn’t fully conform to the law’s myriad micromanaging rules. That’s right, we can resist the draft in good conscience, without risking jail time or significant fines. 

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