Bush’s War (on Warming)

Monday’s Washington Times had a story indicating that President Bush would give a major speech on global warming today — and that it would likely include a significant shift in climate change policy.

Details are still scarce, but over at NRO, my former colleague Iain Murray says this about what’s rumored:

We are hearing some very bad things from reputable sources.  One who certainly cannot be dismissed commented that “the last line of defense has been breached” and that “it will be very bad.”  No matter how they spin it, any mention of mandatory emissions limits amounts to an invitation to a cap and trade regime at the very least.  Once you’ve conceded that, then you have an open invitation not to something weaker, but to something stronger than Lieberman-Warner.

Is this an attempt at legacy building?  It certainly appears it could be. We’ll find out more this afternoon, and I’ll have more to say on the subject soon. In the meantime, there’s plenty of discussion of the speech, what it might say, and what that might mean over at Planet Gore.


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