Can James Carville be Yoda? He’s Wrinkly Enough…

Darth: Always trying to expand his power
Hillary: Not content with being First Lady or Senator

Darth: Got into power with help of Emporer Palpatin
Hillary: Got into politics with help of husband

Darth: Wants to expand already enormous government, an Empire
Hillary: Wants to expand already enormous government, a socialist empire

Darth: Is normally calm, but has a horrible temper
Hillary: Infamous for screaming at Secret Service agents over trivial inconveniences

Darth: Tries to make the galaxy believe he is a benevolent dictator by lying
Hillary: Lying to the American people about her liberal voting record

Darth: Wore a mask
Hillary: We can only hope…

Darth was generally nicer than Hillary…At least he read the National Intelligence Estimate…