FreedomWorks’ NEW Citizen Lobbying Guide

Unlock the secrets of effective citizen lobbying with our meticulously crafted Citizen Lobbying Guide, developed with expertise and dedication throughout the Fall and Winter of 2023…

Why Choose Our Guide?
Expert Insights

Curated by seasoned professionals, this guide brings you the top tips and tricks to elevate your citizen lobbying skills. Benefit from the wisdom of the best in the field.

Learn and Empower

Designed for accessibility, our guide empowers you to become the most effective citizen lobbyist possible. Learn, implement, and make a real impact on the issues that matter to you.

Proven Success

Tested and proven, our guide boasts a track record of success. FreedomWorks activists have utilized these methods during lobbying days on Capitol Hill, achieving tangible results.

The roadmap For Being heard in Washington. A must for All activists Looking to make a difference!

— Alex M. [MI]

What’s Inside?
Strategic Thinking

Learn the art of laying out your ideas strategically to maximize influence.

Group Organization

Discover effective ways to organize groups for collective impact.

Media Advocacy

Master the art of lobbying through media channels to amplify your message.

Congressional Meetings

Gain insights into setting up impactful meetings with members of Congress.

Be the Change You Want to See!

Join the ranks of empowered citizen lobbyists who have made a difference. Download the FreedomWorks Citizen Lobbying Guide now and embark on your journey to shape a better future…

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