Concerned about Social Security? So Are We.

One of the biggest issues this election season is Social Security Reform. We at CSE have studied this issue for years, and have booklets, articles, and even long, boring, policy-oriented white papers on the subject.

This is our latest Social Security booklet, perhaps you’ve seen it at one of our events.

A Citizen’s Guide to Social Security

Many in Washington D.C. oppose letting you have some control over your own retirement. Often, they claim that private investments are “a risky scheme.” Given all this rhetoric, a closer look at where Unions and Government Workers invest their pension funds may shock you.

Capitol Comment 277 – Where Do Unions and Government Workers Invest Their Pension Funds?

If you’re still skeptical about our position on Social Security reform, maybe you’d be interested in hearing what the government’s own analysts say about the Social Security trust fund.

What The Government’s Own Analysts Say About The Social Security “Trust Fund” Might Surprise You

CSE Foundation has done in-depth analysis on the question of partial Social Security privatization. These papers were produced in early 1999, and although some of the projections may have changed, the underlying principles remain the same.

Clinton’s Social Security Fix: Right Rhetoric, Wrong Solution

It’s Time to Honestly “Invest” Workers’ Social Security FICA Taxes in Personal Savings Accounts

Make Social Security a Better Deal for Future Retirees

Turning Social Security’s Liability Into Real Assets