Congressional Democrats Want To Hold Employers Hostage

Ted, Hillary and their Democratic friends in Congress are pushing for a bill that will allow employees to sue based on pay discrimination indefinitely. Recently the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision rejected a claim of pay discrimination made by a woman who had started working in 1979. They ruled that employees need to sue within 180 days is they are claiming pay discrimination. Justice Alito said that "the passage of time may seriously diminish the ability of the parties and the factfinder to reconstruct what actually happened." For example, one supervisor who Ledbetter claimed retaliated against her after she rejected his sexual advances died before the trial began. This of course makes it impossible to get both sides of the story.

Employees shouldn’t be discriminated against, but they also should not be allowed to wait indefinitely. Memories fade and situations change. Disgruntled employees must not be allowed to blackmail employers by threatening a lawsuit based on alleged discrimination that happened decades ago. A time-limit of pay discrimination just makes sense. It prevents employees from wasting taxpayer money with frivolous lawsuits. If an employee suffers from legitimate pay discrimination they have no reason to wait 19 years for a lawsuit.