Congressman Paul Broun Addresses GA Townhall Meeting

FreedomWorks Congressional Action Team member and 2008 Activist of the Year, Dolores Gresham, organized a fantastic townhall meeting in her area over the weekend.  The April 25 event in Georgia’s 10th District brought in 49 people, including 25 new FreedomWorks members.

The group made plans for upcoming rallies on July 4 and in DC on September 12 and received updates on current issues on the state and federal level.

Congressman Dr. Paul Broun was the guest of honor and he conducted a town hall meeting for an hour and a half, taking questions from the group and speaking to constituents afterward.

Also in attendance were the Mayor of Carnesville, the Franklin County Republican Party Chairwoman and 2nd Vice Chair of the 10th District Republican Party Lynn East, the Franklin County Republican Treasurer Harris LIttle, President of the Franklin County Tax Association David Sanders, and the Franklin County Manager Frank Ginn.

Check out the pictures below!