The Constitution: America’s Most Important Document

The Big Picture

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

These words have been the foundation of our government for over 200 years now. This document has upheld our rights to defend ourselves as a people for quite some time. But are those rights being challenged and have we strayed from the original intent of the Founding Fathers?

If our Founding Fathers were to see the country’s direction and size of government that we have now, they would likely be appalled. We have strayed far from the original intent of the Constitution and its assurance that the majority respects the opinions of the minority. The recent news of masks being mandated and a 3.5 trillion budget bill threatening the American way has people wondering: are our government officials ignoring the principles on which our country was founded? As Former Representative Ted Yoho so eloquently put it, “The American dream comes from opportunity. The opportunity comes from our founding principles, our core values that’s held together and protected by the Constitution. Those ideas are neither Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, white, or black. Those are American ideologies.”

The far-left lambasts the alleged unfairness of America and declares that we need to make up for inequality. However, punishing others to do so is a flawed solution. The Constitution is not meant to ensure equality through the suppression of others, instead providing the opportunity for making something of yourself. The Constitution protects us from ourselves and is a document that was made by men that dealt with high taxation and political tyranny. Because they experienced that, we should be more inclined to listen to their guidance.



  • As Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “The U.S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up with it yourself.”
  • America was founded upon equality of opportunity: the idea that every person has the chance to make their life what they choose.
  • Today, many on the left are seeking to reverse this principle by forcing the many to foot the bill for the “happiness” of the few in the form of higher taxes and more welfare spending to guarantee equality not of opportunity but of outcome. This concept is known as equity, rather than equality.
  • The progressive vision of America would discourage hard work and entrepreneurship in favor of reliance on paternalistic big government.


  • “Without liberty, law loses its nature and its name, and becomes oppression. Without law, liberty also loses its nature and its name, and becomes licentiousness.” – James Wilson, Of the Study of the Law in the United States, 1790
  • Liberty is the foundation of our government yet is attacked daily, and our Constitution is the only thing that protects us.
  • The far-left threatens this state of freedom within the society by encouraging minor restrictions that slowly get more oppressive as time goes on, such as mask and vaccine mandates.

Why It Matters

The Founding Fathers intentionally created the Constitution to protect Americans from the oppression and loss of freedoms that result when government gets too big. Right now, our federal government threatens to needlessly expand even more into the lives of everyday Americans.

These recent changes affect voting rights, taxation, and even internet freedom. The recent 3.5 trillion budget bill passed will put new debt on the American people, higher than ever seen before, raising the national debt past what it already is today, 28.43 trillion dollars which the Biden administration wants to increase dramatically. Sacrificing the many for the few was not written in the Constitution, but seems to be the way of the game for the far-left.