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10 Principles for Replacing ObamaCare

Since the passage of ObamaCare in 2010, critics of the law have endured the criticism that we’re all about opposition, without providing constructive alternatives for health care reform. The truth is closer to the polar opposite – if anything, we suffer from a surplus, rather than a deficit, of comprehensive plans to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

This seems like a rather good problem to have, given that our entire philosophy is based upon encouraging innovation and competition. But, having many different alternatives is only useful to the extent that they are moving towards a common set of principles. We can all agree to support “patient-centered care” (and that’s a good start), but what does that really mean?

To answer this question, FreedomWorks has released a set of ten principles of health care reform that we believe any ObamaCare replacement plan should follow:

FreedomWorks' 10 Principles for Replacing ObamaCare by Joshua Withrow

Rhonda Roth's picture
Rhonda Roth

There was nothing wrong with the insurance in the first place! If they were so concerned about people not being able to afford insurance, the insurance companies already had those types of policies in place. The reason insurance is taken out was to help with the cost of medical care with at least an affordable deductible. Since Obamacare, the insurance we once had through our employers or bought ourselves doesn't cover a damn thing. Yet we have to pay a higher premium and deductible and STILL we have to pay for $200 - $300 Doctor's Office calls. I have yet to see my husband's insurance from work pay for anything! I wish I could have been there when all this crap came up so I could explain to them (I used to submit insurance for a hospital and surgeon's office) what this scam was going to to do us.