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10 Reasons to Oppose Common Core

Check out the Top 10 Reasons to STOP Common Core!

It's bad for students, parents, and teachers!

Learn how to fight it here: Common Core Fails.

Tiina Maria Wiik's picture
Tiina Maria Wiik

This is just not factual. You can just check which countries do the best in international education level ratings, and easily notice it's the countries with highly standardized education methods, like Japan, China or Finland. In those countries all schools teach the same basic materials that set the minimum knowledge level. It's also been found that in USA common core has made it easier for students to continue studies in math and sciences, because there aren't big differences in the students' knowledge levels in them. The only thing that should matter when deciding how to educate children, is giving the children the best possible education. Not politics or personal beliefs of parents. Standardized core material clearly leads to the best results on both national and international level, so I don't see any rational reason to oppose it. It's just what has been found to work the best.